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Our Story

Follow Christ Always

A Church Plant

That waits on the Lord

Follow Christ Always church started as the Holy Spirit began to speak to Pastor Kevin’s heart in 2001. He was already in full time ministry with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Although he continued to serve in church in all different roles, he desired to see the local church impact local communities on a much larger scale.

He would often fast and pray simply for the church plant although not feeling like God was giving him the “green light” to begin the process. He would often sense God telling him to simply “wait on Him” until the time was right.

The past several years have been preparing and asking the Lord for His direction and will to be made clear. Finally, in May 2020, while in prayer, Pastor Kevin knew it was time to start taking steps to start the church. One bit of information that Pastor Kevin told his closest friends was that God was going to send the initial pastoral team from outside New Jersey.

The first person he was led to ask to serve on FCA church staff was good friend Ron Perry. Ron was instrumental in the early days of Pastor Kevin’s ministry with the 76ers. Ron served as a key volunteer Assistant chaplain helping to serve NBA players. Pastor Ron and his wife Dora, who live outside Philadelphia, agreed to join Follow Christ Always in 2020.

As God is clearly guiding and directing each step in His time, He is sending more laborers to the harvest. The timing on the church plant is completely in God’s hands although the FCA church launch team is praying for a January 2022 launch date for home church services in Burlington County, NJ.

The end of  Romans 1:17 says, “The righteous will live by faith.”  Although the beginning of the Follow Christ Always church story is only being born, it will be fun to see what God does with this group of believers as they are led by the Spirit and follow Christ’s leading.

Bible Study

The righteous will live by faith.

Romans 1:17